Digital Direct Correx

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We specialise in correx board printing. With over 12 years of experience, we supply major brands with correx signs nationwide.

Our full colour correx printed an printed directly onto the board at a high definition. No need for stickers.
This print method is ideal for low volume and/or various designs

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  • Correx boards are a Cost Effective way of advertising.
  • Correx signs are Weather Proof. Your advert will not smudge or fade outdoors.
  • A2 correx boards and A1 correx boards are the Most Popular correx board sizes.
  • We offer FREE Nationwide Delivery.
  • We can help you with FREE Design and Layout for up to 30min.
  • We will give you FREE Recommendations and Advice to make your correx more effetive

Due to the many printing options, please email your design or requirements to We will send you a full prices list with our recommendations.

Here are in indication of some of our more popular correx board prices (incl. VAT)

Qty Single sided Double Sided
50-99 45.00 80.00
100-249 42.50 75.00
250-499 40.00 68.50

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Full Colour Correx Boards Printed Professionally!

The latest technology in full colour correx board printing comes in the for of digital UV printing. These printers can print at a very high definition directly onto media like correx boards or perspex.


Correx Boards Sizes

A full sheet of correx board is typically 2400x1200mm. More popular correx sizes are A2 correx boards and A1 correx boards. Correx boards thickness may vary from 3mm, 3.5mm up to 5mm.
White correx boards are most often used with yellow correx as the second most correx used. You can get correx signs in red, black, blue and green but these correx are not used as often.

Correx Board Uses and Benefits

Estate agent boards, for example, for sale boards or to let boards are some of the most popular uses for correx. On show boards or pointer boards are also printed on correx. Correx signs are light weight and weather proof, making them ideal boards for estate agents.
Correx signs are an affordable signage solution. Corex are perfect for general displays or advertising. From modelling projects to indoor and outdoor event advertising. Corex are perfect as directional signage at events or promotional displays in shopping centers.

Correx Printing Methods

Although screen printing is one of the most cost effective printing methods. click here to see more on screen printing, digital direct printing has its own advantages. For full colour low volume or variable designs, this is the perfect solution.

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simple send your desired image or design and let us print it on to a correx board for you.

We know the game and we have done our homework. Do not waste any more time! if you want the best rates around, Contact us today!

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