Correx boards

We specialise in printing on correx boards. With over 12 years of experience, we supply major brands with correx signs nationwide.

With the full colour direct printing we offer, here are some of the benefits you will enjoy ordering from us:

  • No Minimum Quantity – Order as many as you wish.
  • Any Design – With full colour printing, you can order any design.
  • Different designs? – No problem, we still charge you the same rate even if your have several images.
  • No Setup Fees – With digital printing there is no setup and no colour mixing charges.
  • Free 30 min Design Setup – Have not design? Send your info and let us help.
  • Free Nationwide Delivery for order over R450


Size Thickness Single sided Double Sided
600x400mm 3mm R45.00 R65
800x600mm 3mm R58.00 R78.00

Prices on 6 or more boards. Higher volume orders at lower rates.

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Some benefits using correx boards:

  • Correx boards are a cheap way of advertising.
  • Correx signs are waterproof. Your advert will not smudge or fade outdoors.

Due to the many printing options, please email your design or requirements to orders@actionprint.co.za. We will send you a full prices list with our recommendations.

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Correx Boards and Estate Agent Boards

We have over 12 years of experience in the printing of correx boards and specialise in direct to board printing.
Direct printing allows for any design of any colour to be directly printed on to the corrugated board. High definition photo quality printing with no minimum quantity and no setup fees. Full colour correx printing allows for a fast board branding solution as all the colours are printed at once.

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What Is Correx Board aka Corriboard

Corrax material are an extruded twinwall plastic sheet product produced from high-impact polypropylene resin.
Corrugated plastic display boards comes in S curve or straight fluted display boards. The S curve was created to firm up the correx sign board preventing the corrugated plastic sign from bending along the flute of the sign board.

Corrugated Plastic Board Colours

Corex panels come in various colours. White correx plastic is the most commonly used corrugated plastic sign board. Yellow correx board is often used for bright lamp post advertising boards. Black correx panels are also available but not to popular for correx board printing. White corrugated plastic is ideal for full colour sign board printing and corex advertising boards as the colours are vibrant and clear.

Correx Board Sizes

Correx cut to size is available but most popular are a1 sign, a2 board and a3 correx signs. Correx display stands can be cut to do custom sign printing and is the perfect product for displays.
A full correx sheet is 2.4×1.2m and is then cut to size as required.

Correx Fluted Board Thickness

Most popular correx sign board thicknesses are 3mm correx and 3.5mm correx. Correx display boards are also available in 4mm correx and 5mm correx. Corrugated plastic sign boards in 2mm, 6mm and

Benefits Of Corrugated Sign Board

Correx sign boards are ideal for temporary outdoor signage. These waterproof advertising boards are a great form of cheap advertising signs often used for personalized lamp post signs and event signage.
Correx posters are great for company advertising boards as it is ridged and can stand up right on a counter or be fixed against a wall or notice board. Small advertising board can even be placed inside aluminium clip frame.
Cheap advertising boards allow for customer to print personalised designs at higher volume allowing for greater visibility and exposure as temporary signs for events.
Although these correx sign boards are waterproof and cheap, the 3mm advertising boards have a short life span outdoors. With direct sunlight and high temperature the plastic signboard may disintegrate after 9 to 12 months. 5mm corugated boards are very durable and long lasting.

Estate Agent Board Printing

We specialise in printing real estate agency boards. To let board and for sale sign boards are among the most popular and frequently printed boards. Our real estate sign board sizes vary from 600x400mm to 600x450mm. Also a1 correx signs and a2 board printing are used for commercial property advertising boards.
Our direct printing machine allows for high definition personalised plastic sign board. We print your name and photo direct on to the corrugated plastic display boards. No need for name stickers and photos stickers.
Estate agent sign boards are often printed on a 3.5mm correx sign board as these boards have thicker flute walls making the plastic board more ridge and durable. S Curve fluted board are also popular way to firm up the board resisting wind from bending the board.
Bigger estate agent signage can also be printed on correx sign boards. As mentioned a full sheet is 2.4×1.2m allowing larger advertisements to be made. These advertising signs can be placed against any fence or wall as needed.

Correx Board Prices

Advertising boards cost may vary depending on corrugated board size and quantity required. Corex do make for a cheap advertising boards solution and is one of the cheapest methods of signboard printing around. For a price list contact us today.

We Delivery Nationwide

We currently print and delivery corax signboards throughout South Africa with high customer concentration in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Midrand, Durban, Cape Town, Western Cape and Port Elizabeth.

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